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ARMY TM 9-2815-257-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-128-2 MARINE CORPS TM 10155A/2815-24/3 4-15 4-10.  OIL PUMP MAINTENANCE  -  cont. Figure 4-9.  Oil Pump Removal C.    INSPECTION. 1. Inspect  crankcase  cover  (1,  Figure  4-9)  for  cracks,  deformation,  or  obvious  damage.    Inspect  mating surfaces for scratches, burrs, or blemishes.  Replace cover if damaged. 2. Inspect cover gasket (3) for damage or deformation.  Replace if damaged in any way. 3. Inspect outer rotor (8) and inner rotor portion of oil pump (9) for signs of excessive or uneven wear.  Fit inner rotor into outer rotor and measure gap at various points.  Gap between inner and outer rotors must not exceed 0.0098 inch (0.25 mm).  Replace outer rotor (8) and oil pump (9) as an assembly if excessively worn, damaged, or out of limits. 4. Measure the outside diameter (OD) of outer rotor (8).  OD must be 1.1378 inches (28.90 mm), minimum.   Replace outer rotor (8) and oil pump (9) as an assembly if out of limits. 5. Measure the internal diameter (ID) of outer rotor port in crankcase cover (1).  ID must not exceed 1.1488 inches (29.18 mm).  Replace crankcase cover (1) if out of limits.


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