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ARMY TM 9-2815-257-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-128-2 MARINE CORPS TM 10155A/2815-24/3 5-3 Section II.  SERVICE UPON RECEIPT OF EQUIPMENT 5-4.  GENERAL. The  engine  is  heavy.    Provide  adequate  lifting  device  to  support  the  weight.    Use lifting  ring  for  lifting  purpose  and  use  caution  when  lifting  or  moving  the  engine assembly.    Failure  to  observe  this  warning  can  result  in  injury  to  personnel  and/or damage to equipment. a.    Using a lifting device capable of lifting 100 pounds, remove the engine assembly from its shipping container.  Place on a suitable work surface. b.   Remove packing material from engine assembly. c.    Inspect  the  engine  assembly  for  damage  incurred  during  shipping.    If  the  equipment  has  been damaged, report the damage on the appropriate form as required. d.   Check the engine assembly against the packing slip to ensure that the shipment is complete.  Report all discrepancies in accordance with the instructions of DA PAM 738-750. e.    Check all tags and forms accompanying the engine assembly for special instructions.  Do not remove any forms or tags until the unit is installed and ready for operation.  When the unit is installed, remove forms and tags and forward to Quality Control (QC) section office. f.     If required, drain preservative oil from engine in accordance with Paragraph 3-5. g.    Fill engine crankcase with oil in accordance with Paragraph 3-6.    WARNING


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