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ARMY TM 9-2815-257-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-128-2 MARINE CORPS TM 10155A/2815-24/3 5-18 5-9.  CAMSHAFT ASSEMBLY MAINTENANCE  -  cont. 3. Inspect gear (5, Figure 5-10) for broken, chipped, or worn teeth.  Replace gear and camshaft (10) as an assembly if gear is damaged or worn. 4. Inspect  outer  surfaces  of  tappets  (6,  7)  for  wear  or  damage.    Check  condition  of  tappet  contact  point.   Measure  the  outside  diameter  (OD)  of  tappet  stems.    OD  must  be  0.2705  inch  (6.87  mm),  minimum.   Replace tappet if damaged, worn, or out of limits. 5. Measure  the  OD  of  camshaft  (10)  where  it  mates  to  crankcase  cover  bearing  (4).   OD  must  be  1.1772 inches (29.90 mm), minimum.  Replace camshaft (10) and gear (5) if out of limits. 6. Measure the OD of camshaft (10) on opposite end (where it mates to cylinder block needle bearing).  OD must be 0.5874 inch (14.92 mm), minimum.  Replace camshaft (10) and gear (5) if out of limits. 7. Measure  the  internal  diameter  (ID)  of  bearing  (4).   ID  must  be  1.1808 inches (29.993 mm), maximum.   Replace bearing if out of limits. D.    INSTALLATION. 1. Insert tappets (8, 9, Figure 5-10) into cylinder block.  Install push rod tappets (6, 7). 2. Carefully insert assembled camshaft (10) and gear (5) into cylinder block.  Align match-marks on camshaft gear with those on crankshaft gear, then press camshaft (10) into crankcase needle bearing 3. Apply grease to lips of crankshaft oil seal (located in crankcase cover (1)). 4. Apply oil to crankshaft and camshaft.  Make sure that oil pump drive gears are properly engaged. 5. Mate cover gasket (3) to cylinder block. 6. Mate crankcase cover (1) to cylinder block and secure using fifteen screws (2).  Tighten screws in criss- cross sequence as shown in Figure 5-11.  Torque all screws to 14.5 to 16.6 ft-lbs. (200 to 230 kg-cm). 7. Install fuel injection pump (Para. 4-12). 8. Service engine oil (Para. 3-6).


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