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ARMY TM 9-2815-259-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-125-2 MARINE CORPS TM 09249A/09246A-24 E-1 APPENDIX E EXPENDABLE AND DURABLE ITEMS LIST SECTION I.  INTRODUCTION E-1 SCOPE. This  appendix  lists  expendable  supplies  and  materials  required  to  operate  and  maintain  the  generator  set.   These  items  are  authorized  by  CTA  50-970,  Expendable  Items  (except  medical,  Class  V,  repair  parts,  and heraldic items). E-2 EXPLANATION OF COLUMNS. a. Column  (1)  -  Item  Number.    Number  assigned  to  an  entry  in  the  listing  for  reference  within  the technical manual to identify the material, i.e. "Use of cleaning compound (Item 5, Appendix E)." b. Column (2) - Level.  Identifies the lowest level of maintenance requiring the listed item. c. Column  (3)  -  National  Stock  Number  (NSN).    Standardized  number  assigned  to  an  item  for  the purpose of requisition. d. Column (4) - Description.  Federal item name and, if required, description of the item.  The last line for  each  applicable  item  indicates  the  Commercial  and  Government  (CAGE)  code  in  parenthesis followed by the part number. e. Column  (5)  -  Unit  of  Measure  (U/M).    Measure  used  in  performing  actual  maintenance  function.   Measure  is  expressed  by  a  two  character  alphabetical  abbreviation  (i.e.,  ea,  in,  pr).    If  the  unit  of measure differs from the unit of issue, requisition the lowest unit that will satisfy requirements. SECTION II.  EXPENDABLE AND DURABLE ITEMS LIST (1) Item Number (2) Level (3) National Stock Number (4) Description (5) U/M 1 O, F 8400-00-390-7959 Adhesive, Seal, EC847 QT 2 O, F 6850-00-181-7929 Antifreeze, MIL-A-46153, 1 Gal. Can GL 3 O, F 6850-00-181-7933 Antifreeze, MIL-A-46153, 5 Gal. Can GL 4 O, F 6850-00-181-7940 Antifreeze, MIL-S-46153, 55 Gal. Can GL 5 O, F 6850-00-174-1806 Antifreeze, MIL-A-11755, 1 Gal. Can GL 6 O, F 8030-01-234-2792 Antiseize Compound, CP-8, 8 Oz. Can OZ 7 O 2910-00-646-9727 Cartridge, Engine, Ether, MS39254 EA


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