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TM  9-2920-243-34 Figure 3-44. Starter test setup. b. Close switch and measure current draw and maximum and armature speed should be 6500 rpm   minimum. c. If a low speed and high current condition exists,   check   armature   for   excessive   arcing, grounds,  and  shorts.  Also  examine  starter  for armature drag. If drag exists, check for loose pole shoe   screws   and   tighten   as   necessary;   or, disassemble starter and check for armature ec– centricity   or   faulty   bearings. d. If low speed and low current condition exist, inspect starter for faulty connections and for poor brush  contact. 3-28.   DELETED. 3-29. Waterproof  Test a. Place  waterproof  adapter  over  pinion housing.   Install   adapter   and   apply   6   psi   air pressure. b. Allow pressure to build up and then submerge starter in a suitable water tank. c. Check for air leaks evidenced by bubbles. No leakage  is  permitted. d. If leaks are present, disassemble starter, install  new  packings  and  gaskets.  Coat  packings and gasket with grease before installation and apply sealer to all external screws and pipe plugs. Assemble armature speed. Current draw should be 50 amps starter and retest for leaks. Section  V.  REPAIR  STANDARDS 3-30.  General approved  for  service. An asterisk (*) in the “Wear limits”    column  should  be  replaced  when  worn The  repair  standards  listed  in  paragraph  3–31  give beyond limits given in “Sizes and fits of new parts” maximum,  minimum,  and  key  clearances  of  new  or column. In “Sizes and fits of new parts” column, “L” rebuilt parts. They also give wear limits, which indicate indicates  a  loose  fit  and  “T”  indicates  a  tight  fit.  All the point to which a part or parts may be worn before dimensions  are  given  in  inches  unless  otherwise replacement, for maximum service with minimum specified. replacement. Normally, all parts which have not 3-31. Wear Limits been worn beyond dimensions shown in “Wear limits” column or damaged from corrosion will be All reference letters are keyed to figure B-2. 3-20 Change 1


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