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TM 9-2920-243-34 APPENDIX   B REPAIR   PARTS   AND   SPECIAL   TOOLS   LIST Section   I.   INTRODUCTION B-1. Scope This  appendix  lists  repair  parts  required  for  the performance  of  direct  support  and  general  support maintenance  of  the  Electrical  Engine  Starter Assembly. B-2. General This Repair Parts and Special Tools List is divided into the following sections: a. Section II. Repair Parts List.  A  list  of  repair parts authorized for use in the performance of maintenance. The list also includes parts which must be removed for replacement of the authorized parts.  Parts  lists  are  composed  of  functional groups  in  ascending  numerical  sequence,  with  the parts  in  each  group  listed  in  figure  and  item number sequence. Bulk materials are listed in NSN sequence. b.   Section   III.   Special   Tools   List.   A  list   of special  tools,  TMDE,  and  support  equipment authorized  for  the  performance  of  maintenance  at the  organizational  level. c. Section   IV.   National/NATO   Stock   Number and  Part  Number  Index.   A   list,   in   ascending numerical  sequence,  of  all  National/NATO  stock numbers  appearing  in  the  listings,  followed  by  a list, in alphameric sequence, of all part numbers appearing  in  the  listings.  National/NATO  stock number  and  part  numbers  are  cross-referenced  to each  illustration  figure  and  item  number  ap- pearance.   This  index  is  followed  by  a  cross- -reference  list  of  reference  designations  to  figure and  item  numbers  when  applicable. B-3. Explanation of Columns The  following  provides  an  explanation  of  columns found in the tabular listings: a.  Illustration.  This  column  is  divided  as follows: (1)  Figure   number. Indicates   the   figure number of the illustration in which the item is shown. (2) Item number. The  number  used  to  identify each  item  called  out  in  the  illustration. b.  Source, Maintenance, and   Recoverability Codes  (SMR). (1) Source code. Source codes are assigned to support  items  to  indicate  the  manner  of  acquiring support  items  for  maintenance,  repair,  or  overhaul of end items. Source codes are entered in the first and second positions of the Uniform SMR Code format as follows: Code PA PB PC PD PE PF PG KD KF KB MO MF MH MD AO AF AH AD Definition Item   procured   and   stocked   for   anticipated   or known usage. Item  procured  and  stocked  for  insurance  purpose because   essentiality   dictates   that   a   minimum quantity be available in the supply systems. Item  procured  and  stocked  and  which  otherwise would   be   coded   PA   except   that   it   is deteriorative in nature. Support  item,  excluding  support  equipment, procured   for   initial   issue   or   outfitting   and stocked  only  for  subsequent  or  additional  initial issues  or  outfittings.  Not  subject  to  automatic replenishment. Support   equipment   procured   and   stocked   for initial issue   or outfitting    to    specified maintenance repair activities. Support  equipment  which  will  not  be  stocked  but which will be centrally procured on demand. Item   procured   and   stocked   to   provide   for sustained  support  for  the  life  of  the  equipment. It   is   applied   to   an   item   peculiar   to   the equipment which, because   of   probable discontinuance    or    shutdown of  production facilities, would   prove uneconomical    to reproduce at a later time. An  item  of  a  depot  overhaul/repair  kit  and  not purchased  separately.  Depot  kit  defined  as  a  kit that  provides  items  required  at  the  time  of overhaul or repair. An  item  of  a  maintenance  kit  and  not  purchased separately. Maintenance kit defined as a kit that provides   an   item   that   can   be   replaced   at organizational or   intermediate   levels   of maintenance. Item  included  in  both  a  depot  overhaul/repair  kit and a maintenance kit. Item   to   be   manufactured   or   fabricated   at organizational level. Item  to  be  manufactured  or  fabricated  at  the direct support maintenance level. Item  to  be  manufactured  or  fabricated  at  the general support maintenance level. Item  to  be  manufactured  or  fabricated  at  the depot maintenance level. Item to be assembled at organizational level. Item   to   be   assembled   at   direct   support maintenance level, Item   to   be   assembled   at   general   support maintenance level. Item to be assembled at depot maintenance level. B-1


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