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TM 9-2920-243-34 the  quantity  incorporated  in  unit  column.  When the  part  to  be  used  differs  between  serial  numbers of the same model, the effective serial numbers are shown as the last line of the description. In the Special Tools List, the initial basis of issue (BOI) appears  as  the  last  line  in  the  entry  for  each special  tool,  TMDE,  and  support  equipment. When density of equipment supported exceeds density  spread  indicated  in  the  basis  of  issue,  the total  authorization  is  increased  accordingly. g.  unit  of  Measure   (U/M).   Indicates   the standard of the basic quantity of the listed item as used   in   performing   the   actual   maintenance function. This measure is expressed by a two- character  alphabetical  abbreviation  (e.  g.,  ea,  in, pr, etc.). When the unit of measure differs from the unit of issue, the lowest unit of issue that will satisfy  the  required  units  of  measure  will  be requisitioned. h. Quantity Incorporated in Unit.  Indicates  the quantity of the item used in the breakout shown on the illustration figure, which is prepared for a functional group, subfunctional  group,  or  an assembly. A “V” appearing in this column in lieu of  a  quantity  indicates  that  no  specific  quantity  is applicable,  (e.g.,  shims,  spacers,  etc.). B-4.  Special  Information a. End item application: Engine,  diesel  (Multi-Fuel) 6-cylinder  Military  Model  LDT-465-lC 6-cylinder Military Model LD-465-1 6-cylinder Military Model LDS-465-1 6-cylinder  Military  Model  LDS-465-lA 6-cylinder  Military  Model  LD-465-lC 6-cylinder Military Model LDS-465-2 6-cylinder  Military  Model  MACK  Model ENDT  673 b. Repair  parts  kits  and  gasket  sets  appear  as the last entries in the repair parts listing for the figure  in  which  its  parts  are  listed  as  repair  parts. c. Action  change  codes  indicated  in  the  left-hand margin of the listing page denote the following: N-Indicates  an  added  item C-Indicates a change in data R-Indicates a change in NSN only d. Special  Tool  Sets  are  stocked  for  initial  issue. Tool   Set   components   are   requisitioned   as individual  items.  Stockage  of  tools  that  are duplicated in tool sets for other vehicles assigned or supported are not required beyond actual need. B-5. How to Locate Repair Parts a.  When  Federal  Stock  Number  or  Part  Number is Unknown: (1)  First.  Using  the  table  of  contents, determine  the  functional  group  within  which  the repair  part  belongs. This  is  necessary  since illustrations are prepared for functional groups and listings are dividee into the same groups. (2) Second. Find  the  illustration  covering  the functional group to which the repair part belongs. (3)  Third.  Identify  the  repair  part  on  the illustration and note the illustration figure and item number of the repair part. (4) Fourth. Using  the  Repair  Parts  Listing, find  the  figure  and  item  number  noted  on  the illustration. b.  When  National/NATO  Stock  Number  or  Part Number is Known. (1) First. Using the Index of National/NATO Stock  Numbers,  find  the  pertinent  National/NATO stock number or part number. This index is in ascending  NSN  sequence  followed  by  a  list  of  part numbers  in  ascending  alphameric  sequence,  cross- -referenced  to  the  illustration  figure  number  and item  number. (2) Second.  After finding the figure and item number, locate the figure and item number in the repair parts list. B-6.  Abbreviations. N.I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Not Illustrated EA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Each B-3


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