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ARMY TM 9-6115-666-13&P
AIR FORCE TO 35C2-3-505-1
1.15.1. Power Plant Functional Description. The power plant consists of two MEP-806A (50/60 Hz) or two
MEP-816A (400 Hz) skid mounted Tactical Quiet Generators (TQGs), a switch box (A1), and a cable storage
box containing a NATO slave cable with two adapters and 100 amp user power cables (6 each 50/60 Hz, or 4
each 400 Hz). The two TQGs are hard wired to provide output from either generator at one time, independent
switching between the two generators without power interruption, or to run the two generator sets in parallel
mode. The power plant (PP) has a single ground (gnd) point located on the rear of the trailer. The power plant
is grounded using one of the ground rods provided. Generator grounding is provided using the W1 and W2
cables from the N (L0) generator load terminal through the N (L0)-to-gnd switch box bus bar jumper, to the PP
gnd point. The N-to-gnd strap at the generator has been disconnected to prevent a ground loop when running
in parallel operation. The electrical output is normally supplied from the 100 amp output connectors located on
the switch box and is controlled by a circuit breaker located directly above each output connector.  The
generator output source is controlled by the individual generator controls. Switches S1 and S2, located on the
switchbox, control the output of both generators. Refer to TM 9-6115-645-10 for operation and TM 9-6115-
645-24 for detailed functional description of the generator sets. Refer to TM 9-2330-376-14&P for a detailed
functional description of the trailer.
Refer to appendix A for related technical manuals and lubrication order.
1-9/(1-10 blank)


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