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ARMY TM 9-6115-666-13&P
AIR FORCE TO 35C2-3-505-1
2.6.1. AN/MJO-1612 and AN/MJO-1632 Identification/Transportation Data Plate. Refer to figure 2-10 and
figure 2-11. This plate is located on the trailer body.
2.6.2. Power Plant Instruction Plate. Refer to figure 2-12. This plate covers power plant operating
procedures for the AN/MJQ-1612 and AN/MJQ-1632. It is located inside of the switch box cover.
2.7.1. Shut Down Generator Set. Refer to paragraph (steps m through o) and stop both generators.
2.7.2. Disconnecting Load Cables.
Never attempt to connect or disconnect load cables while the generator is running. Failure
to observe this warning could result in severe personal injury or death by electrocution.
a. Disconnect leads from load terminals.
b. Disconnect plug end of power cable from connectors located on switch box (1, figure 2-13).
c. Store cables in storage box.
2.7.3. Disconnecting Ground Cable and Ground Rod. Disconnect the ground cable and ground rod as
a. Using slide hammer (9, figure 2-14) remove ground rod (8) as follows:
(1) Loosen clamp screw (6) and remove ground cable.
(2) Remove wing nut (1) , washer (2), and terminal (3) from ground stud (4). Roll up ground cable
and store in accessory box.
(3) Install washer (2) and wing nut (1) removed in step a.(2) on ground stud (4).
(4) Remove coupler (7) and ground cable clamp (5) from ground rod section (8).
(5) Install coupler (7) on ground rod section (8).
Connect nuts securely to slide hammer. Faulty connections could result in death or serious


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