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ARMY TM 9-6115-666-13&P
AIR FORCE TO 35C2-3-505-1
4.4.1. Unpacking. The generator sets will have been boxed prior to shipment. Unpack the power plant as
a. Remove and set aside packing list from side of box. Also remove and set aside shortage packing
list if there is one.
Steel strapping used in packaging of power plant has sharp edges. Use care when cutting
and handling steel strapping. Failure to observe this warning could result in severe personal
injury or death.
b. Using metal cutters, carefully cut metal strapping from box covering generator sets. Remove metal
strapping. Boxes may also be secured by lag screws at each end of box, near bottom. If so, remove
lag screws. Remove boxes.
On power plants AN/MJQ-1612 and AN/MJQ-1632, use metal cutters to carefully cut steel strapping
form plywood box covering switch box. Remove plywood box.
d. Switch box covers may have been secured with tape. If so, remove tape.
e. Unpack and secure fire extinguisher in brackets on trailer.
If accessory box is secured with strapping, carefully cut and remove strapping. Open accessory box
and remove any packaging/cushioning material from accessories.
g. Using the packing list(s) removed in step a., inventory the accessories. check missing items against
shortage packing list (if any). Report any discrepancies to your supervisor.
4.4.2. Checking Unpacked Equipment.
a. Inspect the equipment for damage incurred during shipment. If the equipment has been damaged,
report the damage on SF 364, Report of Discrepancy (ROD).
b. Check the equipment against the packing list(s) to see if the equipment is complete. Report all
discrepancies in accordance with the instructions in DA Pam 738-750, (Army), AFR 400-54, (Air
Check to see whether the equipment has been modified.
4.4.3. Deprocessing, Unpacked Equipment. Refer to DA Form 2258, Depreservation Guide for Vehicles
and Equipment, packed with the power plant.  The depreservation guide explains what was done to the
equipment prior to packaging. It also explains what has to be done before placing the equipment in operation.
Perform all depreservation actions required by the depreservation guide.


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