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This guide contains operation instructions and lubrication
Continuing improvement and advancement of product
and maintenance information.
design may have caused changes to your engine which
may not be covered in this publication. Each publication
The operation section is a reference for the new operator
is reviewed and revised, as required, to update and
and a refresher for the experienced one. Read -- study
include these changes in later editions.
-- and keep it handy.
Whenever a question arises regarding your engine or
Illustrations guide the operator through the correct
this publication, please consult your Caterpillar dealer for
procedures of checking, starting, operating and stopping
the latest available information.
the engine.
Engine Identification
The maintenance section is a guide to equipment care.
The illustrated, step-by-step instructions are grouped by
Caterpillar  engines  are  identified  with  SERIAL
servicing intervals. Topics without specific intervals are
listed under "When Required." Topics in the "Lubrication
cases MODIFICATION NUMBERS are also used.
and Maintenance Chart" are referenced to detailed
These numbers are shown on the serial number plate
instructions that follow.
mounted on the engine. The Specification Section at the
back of the Parts Book indicates the location of the serial
Use the service meter to determine servicing intervals.
number plate.
Calendar intervals shown (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
may be used instead of service meter intervals if they
Caterpillar dealers need all of these numbers to
provide more convenient servicing schedules and
determine which components were included on the
approximate the indicated service meter reading.
engine when it was assembled at the factory.  This
permits accurate identification of replacement part
Under  extremely severe, dusty or  wet  operating
conditions, more frequent lubrication than is specified in
the "Lubrication and Maintenance Chart" may be
Ordering Parts
Quality Caterpillar replacement parts are available from
Perform service on topics at multiples of the original
Caterpillar dealers throughout the world.  Their parts
requirement. For example, at Every 500 Service Hours
stocks are up to date and include all parts normally
or 3 Months, also service those topics listed under Every
required to protect your investment in Caterpillar
250 Service Hours or Monthly, Every 50 Service Hours or
engines. When ordering parts, your order should specify
Weekly and Every 10 Service Hours or Daily.
the quantity, part number, part name and serial number,
arrangement number and modification number of the
Some photographs in this publication may show details
engine for which the parts are needed. If in doubt about
or attachments that may be different from your engine.
the part number, please provide your dealer with a
complete description of the needed item.


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