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Before Starting the
Perform required periodic maintenance before starting
the engine.  Make a walk-around inspection of the
installation. It only takes a few minutes to make minor
corrections. This can prevent major repairs at a later
All valves in fuel return line must be open before and
during engine operation to prevent high fuel
High fuel pressure may cause filter
housing failure or other damage.
2. Measure the crankcase oil level. Check dipstick for
correct level. The oil level must be between the FULL
and the ADD marks on the ENGINE STOPPED side of
the dipstick. Add oil if necessary.
Disconnect any battery chargers that are not
protected against the starter current drain.
1. Inspect the coolant level. The level should be to the
bottom of the filler neck. Operate the engine until it is at
operating temperature. Add coolant if necessary. Install
filler cap.
4. All guards must be in place. Repair or replace all
guards that are damaged or missing.


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