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Engine Storage
If the engine is not started for several weeks, the
lubricating oil drains from the cylinder walls and piston
rings. This lack of oil permits the piston rings to rust.
This causes metal-to-metal contact between the piston
rings, the pistons and the cylinder liners when the engine
is started.  This metal-to-metal contact will result in
shorter engine life. To prevent excessive engine wear:
1.  Be sure all lubrication points mentioned in the
Lubrication and Maintenance Chart are serviced.
2. If freezing temperatures can be expected, check the
cooling system for adequate protection against freezing.
A 50-50 solution of permanent-type antifreeze and
approved water treated with the proper amount of
coolant conditioner, will give protection below -29C (-
If it will be impossible to start the engine every week,
consult your Caterpillar dealer for instructions to prepare
your engine for longer storage periods.


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