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Cooling System
Check coolant only when engine is stopped and filler cap
is cool enough to touch.  Remove filler cap slowly to
avoid steam.  Allow coolant and components to cool
before draining.
Never add coolant to an overheated engine. Allow
the engine to cool first.
Check the specific gravity of the antifreeze solution
frequently in cold weather to ensure adequate
If the engine is to be stored in, or shipped to, an area
with below freezing temperatures, the cooling
system must be protected against freezing to the
lowest expected ambient temperature.
All  water  is  corrosive  at  engine  operating
The  cooling  system  should  be
protected with a 3% to 6% concentration of cooling
system conditioner at all times regard- less of the
concentration of antifreeze, or by using Caterpillar
Coolant Conditioner Elements.
Do not use Caterpillar Cooling System Conditioner
or Coolant Conditioner Elements with Dowtherm 209
Full-Fill coolant.  Follow the instructions provided
with the Dowtherm 209 Full-Fill coolant.
Coolant should be drained and replaced "Every 2000
Service Hours or 1 Year." However, when cooling system
conditioner additions are made every 250 service hours
as recommended, the drain period can be extended to
"4000 Service Hours or 2 Years."


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