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If the engine is not equipped with spin-on Coolant
Air Lubricator Oil (CD)
Conditioner Elements, add .50 liter (1 pint) of Caterpillar
Cooling System Conditioner for each 15 liters (4 U.S
Use SAE10 or 10W nondetergent oil for temperatures
gallons) of coolant used to maintain the 3% to 6%.
above 0C (32F).  Use diesel fuel for temperatures
below 0C (32F). NOTE: Change oil and filter element
Lubricant Specifications
after first 50 hours of operation for new or reconditioned
The abbreviations listed below, follow S.A.E.  J754
nomenclature. The classifications follow S.A.E.  J183
Lubricating Grease (MPG)
The MIL specifications are U.S.A.
Military Specifications.  These definitions will be of
Use Multipurpose-type Grease (MPG). Multipurpose-type
assistance in purchasing lubricants.
The specific
grease which contains 3% to 5% molybdenum disulfide
classifications for this engine are found on the
is preferred. NLGI No. 2 Grade is suitable for most
"Recommended Lubricants" Chart.
temperatures.  Use NLGI No. 1 or No. 0 Grade for
extremely low temperatures.
Engine Oils (CD)
Use oils that meet Engine Service Classification CD or
Consult the "EMA Lubricating Oils Data Book," Form
SEBU5939, for a listing of CD oil brands.
The percentage of sulfur in the fuel will affect the
engine oil recommendations.  If the fuel has over
0.5% sulfur content, the CD engine oil must have a
TBN of 20 times the percentage of fuel sulfur. Your
oil supplier should be able to furnish the correct oils.


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