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Cleaning Air Cleaner Elements
When using pressure air, wear protective face shield
and clothing.  Use 205 kPa (30 psi) maximum air
pressure for cleaning purposes.
Install the new or cleaned element.
Do not clean elements by bumping or tapping them.
The primary element can be cleaned up to six times
Inspect element after cleaning.  Do not use an
before replacement. The element, when cleaned, should
element with damaged pleats, gaskets or seals.
be thoroughly checked for rips or tears in the filter
material. Replace the primary element every year even
though it has not been cleaned six times.
Element can be cleaned with pressure air.
Pressure Air 205 kPa (30 psi) Maximum
Install the cover and fasten it.
Repeat steps 1 thru 6 for the air cleaner on the
Direct air along pleats inside of element, outside
other side of the engine.
of element and then inside of element.
Inspect element after cleaning.


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