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Troubleshooting Index
1. Engine will not turn when start switch is on
2. Engine will not start
On the following pages there is a list of possible
3. Starting motor does not turn
problems. To correct a problem, make reference to the
4. Air starting motor turns slowly
5. Alternator gives no charge
6. Alternator charge rate is not regular
If problems are encountered, they should be corrected
7. Alternator has noise
promptly to maintain engine operation.
8. Misfiring or running rough
9. Not enough power
This list of problems, causes, and corrections, will only
10. Stall at low rpm
give an indication of where a possible problem can be,
11. Sudden changes in rpm
and what repairs may be needed. Remember that a
12. Loud combustion noise
problem is not normally caused only by one part, but by
13. Valve train noise
the relation of one part with other parts.
14. Loud valve train noise
15. Too much valve lash
This list can not give all possible problems and
16. Little or no valve clearance
corrections. The serviceman must find the problem and
17. Valve rotocoil or spring lock is free
its source, then make the necessary repairs.
18. Noise in engine
19. Too much vibration
20. Too much white or blue smoke
21. Oil at the exhaust
22. Too much lubrication oil used
23. Too much black or gray smoke
24. Fuel consumption too high
25. Low oil pressure
26. Coolant in oil
27. Oil in cooling system
28. Coolant is too hot
29. Engine has early wear
30. Exhaust temperature too high


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