Quantcast Troubleshooting-continued - TM-5-2815-232-140640

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1. Engine will not turn when start switch is on
Battery has low output.
Make reference to Item 3.
Wiring or switches have defect.
Make reference to Item 3.
Starting motor solenoid has a defect.
Make reference to Item 3.
Starting motor has a defect.
Make reference to Item 3.
Oil pressure switch for prelubrication pump
Make a replacement of defective switch.
has a defect.
Prelubrication oil pump has a defect.
Repair or replace pump components as needed.
Inside problem prevents engine crankshaft
If the crankshaft can not be turned after
from turning.
disconnecting the driven equipment, remove the
fuel injectors and check for fluid in the cylinders
while turning the crankshaft. If fluid in the
cylinders is not the problem, the engine must be
disassembled to check for other inside
problems. Some of these inside problems are
bearing seizure, piston seizure or wrong pistons
installed in the engine.
2. Engine will not start
Slow cranking speed.
Make reference to Items 3, 4 and 5.
Dirty fuel filter.
Install new fuel filter.
Dirty or broken fuel lines.
Clean or install new fuel lines as necessary.
Fuel pressure is low.
At starting rpm, the minimum fuel pressure from
fuel transfer pump must be 20 kPa (3 psi). If
fuel pressure is less than 20 kPa (3 psi) change
the fuel filter element.
Look for air in the fuel system. If fuel pressure is
still low, check the fuel control valve and the fuel
transfer pump for correct operation.
No fuel to cylinders.
Put fuel in tank. "Prime" (remove the air and/or
low quality fuel from the fuel system).


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