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TM  5-2815-241-34&P OIL  PAN  INSTALLATION INITIAL   SETUP Tools Extension,   6-inch,   1/2-inch   drive Handle,   ratchet,   1/2-inch   drive Socket,  l/Pinch,  1/2-inch  drive Socket,  9/16-inch,  1/2-inch  drive Socket,  5/8-inch,  1/2-inch  drive Wrench,  open-end,  1  7/8-inch Wrench,  torque,  0  to  150  ft  lb Lockwasher,  oil  pan  front  (four  required) Lockwasher, oil pan rear (four required) Lockwasher,  oil  pan  sides  (28  required) Lockwasher,  suction  tube  flange  (two  required) Personnel  Required (0 to 210 N•), 1/2-inch drive Two Materials/Parts Gasket, oil pan Gasket,  suction  tube  flange Materials/Parts - Continued Equipment   Condition Lubricating  oil  pump  installed  (page  2-88). ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 1. Cylinder block (1) New  gasket  (2) Put  on. Aline  holes  In  gasket  with  screw  holes in  cylinder  block. WARNING Due to excessive weight, assistance will be needed to prevent personal injury when lifting   heavy   parts. 2. Oil pan (3) 3. Oil pan (3) Four  screws  (4) and four new lockwashers   (5) 4. 5. Oil pump (9) Four  screws  (6), four  new  lockwashers (7),  and  spacer  (8) Suction  tube  with flange  (10)  and nut (11) Put  on. Aline  screw  holes  In  oil  pan  with  screw holes  In  gasket  and  cylinder  block. Using l/P-inch drive 1/2-inch socket, 6-inch  extension,  and  ratchet  handle, screw  in. Do  not  tighten. a.    Position spacer on front of oil pan. b.    Using  1/2-inch  drive  5/8-inch  socket, (i-inch  extension,  and  ratchet  handle, screw  in. Do  not  tighten. a.    Position  suction  tube  with  flange  on  oil pump. b. Screw on by hand. Do  not  tighten. 2-96


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