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TM   5-2815-241-34&P Section  VI.  CYLINDER  HEAD  MAINTENANCE CYLINDER  HEAD This   task   covers: a.  Disassembly  (page  2-177) c.  Inspection  (page  2-180) b.  Cleaning  (page  2-180) d.  Repair/Assembly  (page  2-191) INITIAL  SETUP Tools Tools   -   Continued Arbor  set,  valve  guide,  ST-663 Brush,   wire Checking  tool,  injector  tip  protru- sion,  ST-981 Compressor, spring, valve Cutter,   injector   sleeve,   ST-884 Cutter,  valve  seat  insert,  ST-662 Cutting   tool,   bead,   ST-788 Driftpin,  1/4-inch Driver,  tool,  ST-1122 Driver  tool,  valve  seat  insert,  ST-257 Eccentricimeter Extension,   3-inch,   1/2-inch   drive Extractor,  valve  seat,  ST-1133 Gage,  bore,  dial Grinder,  surface Grinder,  valve  seat,  ST-685 Hammer,   ball-peen,   16-ounce Hammer,  plastic-faced Handle,   ratchet,   1/2-inch   drive Holder,  injector  sleeve  cutter, ST-884-1 Holding  tool,  injector  sleeve, ST-1179 Indicator,   dial,   ST-547 Key,  hex,  5/32-inch Key,  hex,  3/16-inch Machine,   refacer,   valve Mandrel,   crosshead   guide,   ST-633 Mandrel,   installation,   injector sleeve,   ST-1227 Mandrel,  valve  guide,  ST-1217 Micrometer,  0-  to  1-inch Micrometer,  2-  to  3-inch Micrometer,  depth Micrometer,   inside Pencil Pilot,  injector  sleeve  cutter, ST-884-6 Press,   arbor Press,  drill,  suitable Puller,  dowel,  ST-667 Puller,  dowel,  ST-1134 Puller,   injector   sleeve,   ST-1244 Roller   tool,   expanding,   ST-880 Rule,  machinist’s,  steel Socket,   1/2-inch,   1/2-inch   drive Socket,  impact  wrench,  injector  sleeve  puller, ST-1247 Staking   tool,   insert,   ST-1124 Tester,  vacuum,  6-volt,  ST-417 Tester,  vacuum,  12-volt,  ST-417-A Tester,  vacuum,  110-volt,  ST-1257 Tester,   valve   spring Wrench,  torque,  0  to  150  in.  lb  (0  to 16.9  N•m),  1/2-inch  drive Wrench,  torque,  0  to  175  ft  lb  (0  to  245 N•m),  1/2  inch  drive Materials/Parts Collet,  half  (16  required) Crocus cloth (item 4, appendix B) Cutting fluid, lapping (item 5, appendix B) Grease,   extreme-pressure   (item   10, appendix   B) Oil, lubricating (item 12, appendix B) Packing,  preformed,  injector  sleeve  (two required) Prussion  blue  (item  13,  appendix  B) Tags,  marker  (item  17,  appendix  B) Tape,   antiseizing   (item   18,   appendix   B) References TM  55-1500-335-23,  Inspection  Methods, Non-Destructive Equipment   Condition Cylinder  head  removed  (page  2-36). 2-176 Change  1


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