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TM   5-2815-241-34&P CAM   FOLLOWER   ASSEMBLY   -   CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS ASSEMBLY   -   CONTINUED 19.  Cam  follower lever (1) Roller  (2),  roller pin  (3),  and  new roll  pin  (4) NOTE a. Place roller in cam follower lever. b. Using  thickness  gage,  check  between cam follower lever and roller for clear- ance of 0.006 inch (0.15 mm). c. Install roller pin through lever and aline  with  roller. d. Aline  roller  pin  hole  (5)  with  hole  (6)  in lever. e. Using  arbor  press  and  ST-970  plug  driv- ing  mandrel,  press  in. f. Position roll pin in cam follower lever. g. Using   16-ounce   ball-peen   hammer   and 3/32-inch   drive-pin   punch,   drive   roll pin thru roller pin. Check  roller  for  free  movement. When  performing  next  step,  position  two  cam  follower  levers  with  screw  slots  facing toward  ends  of  cam  follower  housing. 20.  Cam  follower housing  (7) Two  cam  follower shafts  (8)  and  six cam  follower  levers  (9) a. Coat  two  cam  follower  shafts  with  clean lubricating  oil  and  start  through  each side  of  cam  follower  housing. Aline  lockscrew  holes  in  shafts  with lockscrew  holes  in  cam  follower housing. b. Install  cam  follower  levers  onto  shafts  as they  are  pressed  through  cam  follower housing. Note tag numbers on cam follower levers. c. Using  arbor  press  and  ST-1053  plug driving mandrel, press in. NOTE A dummy screw is installed at this point to prevent lock screw breakage. Lock screws have a tendency to break due to very close cam follower housing-to-cam follower shaft fit, which causes the cup plugs to act as a ram when driven into place. 21. Two dummy Using 1/4-inch flat-tip screwdriver, install screws   (10) and  tighten. 2-262


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