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TM   5-2815-241-34&P WATER  PUMP  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 5. Retaining  ring  (10) and  inner bearing  (11) 6. Water  pump  body  (1) Carbon-faced    seal (12) and rear oil seal  (13) 7. Screw  (14),  clamp a. Using   1/2-inch   box-end   wrench,   un- (15),  water  by-pass screw and take out screw and clamp. tube (16), and pre- b. Pull water by-pass tube from water pump formed  packing  (17) body. a. Using  snapring  pliers,  take  off  retaining ring. b. Support  inner  bearing  on  inside  race and using arbor press and mandrel, press  out  shaft  (3). Take  out. Discard. c. Take off packing. Discard. CLEANING NOTE For general cleaning procedures, see General Maintenance Instructions, page 2-3. INSPECTION 8. Outer bearing (8) bearing  spacer  (9), and  inner  bearing  (11) a. Inspect inner bearing and outer bear- ing  for  wear,  roughness,  and  damage. Discard  if  worn,  rough,  or  damaged. b. Inspect bearing spacer for wear or damage. Discard  if  worn  or  damaged. 2-409


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