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TM   5-2815-241-34&P WATER  PUMP  -  CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS INSPECTION   - CONTINUED 9. Impeller(l), shaft (2), and pulley (3) a. Using  bore  gage,  measure  bore  dia- meter of impeller and pulley. b. Using  O-to  l-inch  micrometer,  mea- sure  shaft  diameters  that  carry  pulley and  impeller. There  must  be  a  minimum  of  0.001 inch  (.025  mm)  press  fit  between bore  diameters  and  shaft  diameters. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Pulley (3) ASSEMBLY 15. Pulley  (3)  and wear  sleeve  (5) 16. Pulley (3) New wear sleeve (5) Impeller  (1) Shaft (2) Inspect  for  cracks  and  corrosion. Discard  if  cracked  or  corroded. a. Using  12-inch  straightedge,  check  for straightness. Discard  if  bent. b. Inspect  all  press  fit  mating  surfaces. Discard  if  scored. Pulley  (3) Inspect for cracks, bends, or excess wear in grooves. Discard  if  cracked,  bent,  or  worn. Water  pump  body  (4) Inspect  for  cracks,  damage  from  bearings warpage,  or  damaged  mating  surfaces. Discard  if  defective. Wear  sleeve  (5) NOTE Inspect   for   grooves   or   excessive   wear. Replace  if  worn  or  if  grooves  are noted. (See steps 16 and 17). Perform  steps  15  and  16  only  if  wear  sleeve  is  to  be  replaced. a. Using  3/16-inch  straight  punch  and  16 ounce   ball-peen   hammer,   drive   wear sleeve out of pulley. b.  Discard  wear  sleeve. a. Position new wear sleeve in pulley hub. b. Using  ST-1159  wear  sleeve  driver,  drive in  new  wear  sleeve. 2-410


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