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TM    5-3895-360-13 10-3.  TRANSMISSION  CLUTCH  REPLACEMENT  (Con’t). INSTALLATION NOTE Refer to Figure 10-9,  Transmission  Clutch  Re- placement,  for steps a through c. a. Install sleeve spacer (15) and clutch (13) on engine (16) crankshaft. b. Install new woodruff key (14) on engine (16) crank- shaft. c.  Install  sleeve  spacer  (12)  and  new  locknut  (11)  on engine  (16)  crankshaft. NOTE Refer to Figure 10-8,  Transmlsslon  Clutch Shaft Replacement,  for steps d through g. d. Install bearing (7) and clutch shaft (8) in gearcase (4). e. Install new woodruff key (6) on clutch shaft (8). f. Install pinion gear (9) on clutch shaft (8). g. Install retaining ring (10) on clutch shaft (8). Figure 10-8. Transmission Clutch Shaft Replacement. 10-9


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