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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 1-7.   TRANSMISSION   OPERATION Transmission   operating   procedures   are   included   in   vehicle   operation   manuals   Refer   to TM  9-1450-300-10    or    TM  9-2350-277-10. 1-8.   TRANSMISSION   REMOVAL   AND   INSTALLATION Procedures   to   remove   and   install   the   transmission   are   included   in   vehicle   maintenance manuals.   Refer   to   TM   9-1450-300-34         or      TM   9-2350-277-34. 1-9.   IDENTIFICATION   PLATE,   MWO/OVERHAUL   DATA   PLATE Identification   Plate.   The   transmission   identification   plate   is   located   in   the   upper   right   quadrant on   the   rear   side   of   the   transmission. MWO/Overhaul   Data   Plate.   Part   of   the   identification   plate.   Each   transmission   overhaul   shall be   recorded   on   this   plate.   Minimum   information   to •  Initials   of   overhaul   facility. Serial   number   of   transmission. Identification   of   any   MWO   applied. •  Date   of   overhaul   or   MWO   application Replace   Identification,   MWO/Overhaul   Data   Plate. HOUSING   COMPONENTS,   TASK   8,   for   instructions be   recorded   is: Refer   to   paragraph   4-29   REPAIR   CENTER to   remove   or   install   the   identification   plate. Fig.   1-2.   Location   and   View   of   Identification   Plate Para.   1-7 Change  1          - 1  3      


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