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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 2-5.  SOLENOID  TESTING  PROCEDURES  (Continued) Location/Item Action 1.   Disconnect   solenoid   wire   leads   of   solenoid(s)   to   be   checked   from subject   symptom. Solenoid   identification   is   stamped   on   the harness    lead    connector. TM85312 2   Measure   resistance through   each   subject solenoid   wire   con- nector   to   ground connector   location 60-80   ohms   means   solenoid   is   good.   If   solenoid resistance   is   not   within   limits,   replace   solenoid in   accodance   with   para.   4-31. TM85313 3.   After   checking   solenoid(s)   identified   in   troubleshooting   step?   use   test results   in   the   next   block   of   instruction   in   the   troubleshooting   malfunction sequence 2-16 Para.   2-5


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