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TM  9-2520-272-34&P   2-6.   PRESSURE   CHECKING   PROCEDURES INITIAL    SETUP COMMON    TOOLS: Wrench,   combination,   9/16   inch Wrench   combination,   7/16   inch SPECIAL    TOOLS: Pressure   gage   set,   0-300   psig Tester,   oil   pressure   (19207)   11650182 EQUIPMENT    CONDITION: Covers   open   for   access   to   transmission. Engine   stopped   to   install   gages. Engine   running   for   pressure   checks. SPECIAL     ENVIRONMENTAL     CONDITIONS: Perform   tests   outdoors   or   in   a   well-ventilated   area. GENERAL    SAFETY    INSTRUCTIONS: Troubleshooting   References Malfunction   8,   Step   1 Malfunction   11,   Step   1 Malfunction   11,   Step   3 Stop   engine   before   installing   or   removing   pressure   gages Use   extreme   care   when   making   pressure   checks   with   vehicle   in   motion.   Watch for   pivot   steer. Perform   tests   outdoors   or   in   a   well-ventilated   area   to   avoid   illness   or   death caused   by   inhalation   of   carbon   monoxide   from   the   engine   exhaust. NOTE Perform   all   pressure   checks   in   accordance   with   instructions   in   subject malfunction. Para.   2-6 2-17 WARNING


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