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TM  9-2520-272-34&P   3-2.    CLEANING    (Continued) Removing  Dirt,  Grease,  or  Oil.   All   parts   must   be   thoroughly   cleaned   with   dry   cleaning   solvent, P-D-680   (Item   8,   Appendix   C),   and   kept   clean   during   all   maintenance   procedures   Use   one   of the   following   methods   to   remove   dirt,   grease,   or   oil   from   all   metal   surfaces   or   parts: •  Dip   tank:   Stir   or   shake   parts   fast   for   one   minute   in   each   tank. Brush   or   scraper:   Clean   hard-to-get-at   areas   with   a   stiff-bristled   brush   or   scraper. Wipe   with   rags   dipped   in   dry   cleaning   solvent. Removing   Gasket   Material.   Remove   gasket   material   with   a   putty   knife.   Put   a   lint-free   cloth over   open   cavities   to   keep   out   gasket   pieces Cleaninq   Bearinqs.   Refer   to   TM   9-214. Cleaninq  Oil  Passaqes  Flush   with   dry   cleaning   solvent. Removing   Metal   Particles.   Flush   all   parts   with   dry   cleaning   solvent.   Blow   parts   dry   with compressed    air. Also   blow   compressed   air   into   all   pockets,   cavities,   and   passages   to   get   rid   of trapped   metal   particles. Cleaning   Transmission   Exterior.   The   exterior   of   the   transmission   must   be   thoroughly   cleaned before   disassembly   is   started. Use   one   of   the   following   methods   to   remove   dirt,   oi1,   grease,   or sludge  from  the  exterior  surface  of  the  transmission. To   clean   a   slightly   dirty   transmission,   wash   with   dry   cleaning   solvent   and   blow   dry   with compressed   air. To  clean  an  excessively  dirty  transmission,  prepare  an  alkaline  steam  cleaning  solution as   follows: 10  pounds  (4.536  kg)  of  tribasic  sodium  phosphate  (Item  19,  Appendix  C) 50   gallons   (189   liters)   of   water Apply   this   solution   with   forced   steam   pressure   at   50   psi   (345   kPa). Deqree   of   Cleanliness   All   parts   must   be   clean   enough   to   permit   effective   inspection   Minute particles   left   on   close   tolerance   parts,   such   as   valves,   can   cause   transmission   failure.   Reclean parts  as  necessary. 3-3


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