Quantcast INSTALL   TRANSMISSION   ON   MAINTENANCE   STAND 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 (SHEET  6  OF  7)

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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 4-6.   INSTALL   TRANSMISSION   ON   MAINTENANCE   STAND 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 (SHEET  6  OF  7) WARNING When   rotating   transmission   vertical   to horizontal   position,   weight   of   transmission is   transferred   from   one   Sling   to   the   other. When   the   center   of   gravity   shifts, transmission   may   suddenly   tilt,   thrusting heavy   momentary   stress   on   sling   and   hoist. To   avoid   injury   or   death,   keep   out   from under   and   clear   of   transmission   at   all   times. Raise   two-legged   sling   as   necessary   to   maintain   proper clearance   between   transmission   and   floor Slowly   raise   three-legged   sling   until   weight   of transmission   is   entirely   on   three-legged   sling. Remove   two-legged   sling. Rotate   adapter   plate   (18)   on   maintenance   stand   to match   hole   pattern   in   plate   with   holes   on   bottom   of transmission   (19). Using   aligning   punch   hoist,   and   rotational   control   on maintenance   stand,   align   holes   in   bottom   of transmission   (19)   with   holes   in   adapter   plate   (18). Install  washers  (20)  under  heads  of  three  1/2-32  x  2 inch   bolts   (21).   Using   3/4   inch   socket,   install   bolts through   three   holes   in   adapter   plate   (18).   Screw   bolts into   holes   on   bottom   of   transmission   (19). Using   torque   wrench,   tighten   bolts   (21)   to   80-95   lb-ft (108-129   N•m). Using   9/16   socket,   remove   three   3/8-16   x   1-3/4   inch bolts   (16)   and   six   washers   (17)   holding   three-legged sling. Remove   three-legged   sling. Go  to  Sheet  7 4-18 Para.   4-6,   Task   2


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