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TM   9-2815-202-34 4-25.   IDLER   GEAR   REPLACEMENT   (Cont) b.    Disassembly (1) Remove six bolts (7) securing bearing retainer (8) to idler gear assembly (3). Remove  retainer.  Discard  bolts. NOTE Each bearing cone and bearing cup of idler gear assembly are a matched  set.  During  disassembly, match mark bearing to cup to ensure  proper  reassembly. (2) Place idler gear assembly (3) in arbor press  with  inner  bearing  cone supported  on  steel  blocks. CAUTION Idler gear assembly (3) must be rotated  during  pressing  operation  to prevent damage to bearing cones (9 and 10). (3)  Simultaneously  rotate  idler  gear assembly (3) and press hub (11) out of bearing cones (9 and 10). Remove gear  assembly  from  press. (4) Remove bearing cones (9 and 10) and inner spacer ring (12). 4-88


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