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T M     9 - 2 8 1 5 - 2 0 2 - 3 4 NOTE Do not remove bearing cups (13 and 14) and spacer ring (15) unless loose  or  damaged. (5) Tap bearing cups (13 and 14) and outer spacer ring (15) out of idler gear (16) using a brass rod alternating around  four  notches  on  shoulder  of gear. c.   Cleaning/Inspection d. Compressed  air  used  for  cleaning  purposes  will  not  exceed  30  PSI.  Use only  with  effective  chip  guarding  and  personal  protective  equipment ( g o g g l e s / s h i e l d ,     g l o v e s ,     e t c ) .  (1) Clean all parts using fuel oil. Dry with compressed air. (2) Inspect all parts and replace if worn or damaged. NOTE Replace bearing cones, cups, and spacer rings as (3) Coat all parts with engine oil. Assembly (1) (2) (3) Place idler gear (16) shoulder down on bed of arbor press. Place  inner  bearing  cup  (13), numbered side up, into bore of gear. Press  bearing  cup  against  shoulder  of gear (16) using a steel plate under ram of arbor press. Lay outer spacer ring (15) on face of a set. bearing  cup  (13). 4 - 8 9


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