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TM    9-2815-202-34 e.  Installation (1) Place injector control tube assembly (11) on cylinder head and install four bolts (7) through end brackets (8) and into cylinder head. Tighten bolts finger tight. Insure ball end of injector rack control lever engages in slot of injector control rack. Torque bolts (7) to 10-12 Ib-ft (14-16 N-m). (2) Check control tube to be sure it is free in brackets. If necessary, tap control tube lightly to aline  bearing  in  brackets. NOTE Steps  (3)  and  (4)  for  throttle  delay  assembly  only  applies  to  models  7083-7395  and 7083-7396. (3) (4) Slide  throttle  delay  piston  and  linkage  assembly  (5)  in  bore  of  housing  (6), Place U-bolt (3) around control tube and through bracket (4). Secure in position with two nuts (1) and two Iockwashers (2). Tighten nuts to 7-9 Ib-ft (9~12 N-m). END OF TASK FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE Para   Description 4-17 Connect fuel control rods 4-11 Install rocker arm covers 4-97


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