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TM9-2815-202-34 (2)  Remove  two  nuts  (2),  cap  (3),  and  lower  bearing  shell  (4)  from  connecting  rod  (5). NOTE Tag piston to insure it is installed with  same  liner. (3) (4) Push piston and rod assembly out through top of cylinder block (6). Reassemble  bearing  cap  (3)  and lower  bearing  shell  (4)  to  connecting rod (5). b.   Disassembly (1) Secure connecting rod (5) in a vise equipped  with  soft  jaws  and  remove piston  rings  (7)  with  piston  ring  pliers (8). Discard piston rings. CAUTION (2) (3) Do  not  damage  piston  or  bushing while removing piston pin retainers. Punch a hole through center of one piston pin retainer (9) with a narrow chisel or punch and pry retainer from piston  assembly  (1  O).  Remove opposite  retainer  in  same  manner. Discard  retainers. Loosen two bolts (11 ) which secure connecting rod (5) to piston pin (12). Remove  rod  and  piston  assembly from vise and place assembly on a bench. Remove two bolts (11 ), two spacers  (13),  and  connecting  rod  (5). Discard  bolts  and  spacers. NOTE Match  mark  used  piston  dome,  piston pin, and pin bushing and keep together as a set for reassembly to maintain proper fit and wear. (4) Remove piston pin (12) from piston assembly  (10). 4-133


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