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TM9=2815-202-34 4-33.  PISTON  AND  CONNECTING  ROD  MAINTENANCE  (CROSS-HEAD)  (Cent) WARNING Keep  fingers  out  of  piston  pin  holes  and  wear  steel-toed  shoes  when disassembling piston dome from skirt. Personal Injury may result. (5) (6) (7) Separate piston skirt (14) from piston dome  (15). Remove seal ring (16) from piston dome  (15).  Discard  seal. Remove piston pin bushing (17) from piston  dome  (15). c.  Cleaning l l (1) (2) I WARNING 16 Use  goggles,  rubber  gloves, and  rubber  apron  when cleanlng  parts  In  carbon- removlng  compound. Provide   adequate ventilation.  Avoid  inhaling fumes and skin contact. If compound Is splashed on skin, flush with fresh water and  wash  with  alcohol. Alcohol containing 2 to 3 percent camphor Is preferable. Compressed ah’ used for cleaning  purposes  will  not exceed  30  psi.  Use  only  with effective  chip  guarding  and personal  protective equipment  (goggles/  shield, gloves,  etc). Clean piston components with fuel oil and dry with compressed air. If fuel oil does not remove  carbon  deposits,  use  carbon-removing  compound  which  will  not  harm  bushings  or tin plate on piston. Clean ring grooves in dome with suitable tool or piece of an old compression ring ground to bevel edge. CAUTION uo14 Do not wire brush or glass bead piston skirt. Skirt is tin plated, and wire brushing or glass beading will remove plating. (3) Clean inside surfaces of piston dome and skirt. Clean oil drain holes in lower half of piston skirt.  Do  not  enlarge  holes  while  cleaning  them. l 4-134


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