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TM  9-2815-202-34 NOTE [f bearings are installed properly, crankshaft will turn freely with all of bearing cap bolts drawn  to  specified  torque. (13)  Measure  Crankshaft  End  Play (a) (b) Mount  dial  indicator  on  rear  of cylinder block with indicator point resting on end of crankshaft assembly. Using a pry bar or large screwdriver between main bearing cap and crankshaft  counterweight,  push crankshaft  toward  dial  indicator.  With constant  pressure  on  screwdriver,  set dial indicator to zero. NOTE If correct crankshaft end play cannot be obtained with standard size thrust washers, use 0.005 or 0.010 inch oversize washers. Insufficient end play can result from a misaligned rear main bearing or a burr or dirt on inner face of one or more thrust washers.- (c) Force  crankshaft  in  opposite  direction  and  note  amount  of  end  play  on  dial.  End  play must be 0.004 to 0.011 inch with new parts and maximum of 0.018 inch with used parts. END OF TASK FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE Para  Description n 5-27  Install  lower  front  cover  (7083-7391,  7083-7396,  and  7083-7399) 4-33 Install pistons and connecting  rods n 4-28 Install lower front cover (7083-7395 and 7083-7398) 4-25  Install  idler  gear 4-24  Install  flywheel  housing C h a n g e    1 4-161


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