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TM  9-2815-202-34 1-8. LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION OF COMPONENTS (Cont) s. Cylinder Heads. Mounted on the top of each cylinder bank. They contain fuel manifolds, exhaust valves, injectors, injector and valve operating mechanisms, and glow plugs (model 7083-7391 ). Special Low Heat Rejection (LHR) cylinder heads are used on model 7083-7391. These heads reject less heat to the coolant; therefore, more heat energy in the exhaust gases is available for use by the turbocharger. Built in heat shields in the exhaust ports, which insulate hot exhaust gas from the engine coolant, are the main feature of the LHR cylinder head. t. Camshafts.  Located  on  top  of  each  cylinder  bank.  They  actuate  injector  and  exhaust  valve operating   mechanisms. u. Cylinder Block. Being the main structural part. It provides rigidity and ensures alinement of all load  bearing  assemblies. v. Crankshaft. Attached to the bottom of the cylinder block. It transfers the engine load through the flywheel and supplies oil to piston assemblies. w. Piston and Connecting Rod Assemblies. Four assemblies are located in each bank. Pistons are  cooled  and  lubricated  by oil pressure  fed  up  through  drilled  connecting  rods. x. Oil Pump. Mounted on the bottom of the cylinder block. It pumps oil throughout the engine for lubrication and cooling. 1-8 Change   1


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