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T M      9 - 2 8 1 5 - 2 0 2 - 34 y. Bypass Blower System. The bypass feature increases fuel efficiency by reducing the amount of engine power required to operate the blower. The bypass feature allows the air in the blower to be bypassed  when  sufficient  airflow  from  the  turbocharger  is  available  to  sustain  an adequate air/fuel ratio for combustion for model 7083-7391. z. Glow Plugs.  They  improve  cold  weather  startability  by  heating  the  combustion  chamber  of each cylinder. The plugs screw into the cylinder head and protrude into the combustion chamber for model   7083-7391. aa. Glow Plug Controller.  Attached to the rear of the air inlet housing, to regulate the glow plug duty cycle for cold starting applications for model it is a control module used 7083-7391. Change 1 1-8.1/1-8.2 Blank


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