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TM   9-2815-202-34 a.   Disassembly NOTE Immediately  after  removing  fuel  lines,  cover  each injector opening with caps to keep out dirt. (1) l l Remove four inlet fuel lines (1) and four outlet fuel lines (2) from fuel injectors (3) and fuel connectors  (4).  Discard  fuel  lines. NOTE Tag rocker arms, shafts, brackets, valves,  cam  followers,  and associated  hardware  so  they  can be installed in their original position. On model 7083-7395, one rocker arm shaft bracket on right cylinder head  contains  throttle  delay housing   (5). (2) Remove eight bolts (6) securing rocker arm shafts (7) and brackets (8) to  cylinder  head. NOTE Inspect throttle delay check valve for leakage.  Fill  throttle  delay  cylinder with fuel oil and watch check valve leakage while moving engine throttle from idle to full fuel position. If more than a drop of leakage occurs,  replace  check  valve. (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) Remove four rocker arm shafts (7) and eight rocker shaft brackets (8) from  cylinder  head.  If  necessary, remove  check  valve  (9)  and  oil  supply fitting  (10)  from  throttle  delay  housing (5)  used  on  model  7083-7395. Swing rocker arms (11 ) away from injector  and  valves.  Remove  four injector  clamp  bolts  (12),  four  washers (13), and four clamps (14). Remove four fuel injectors (4) from cylinder  head. Loosen  twelve  locknuts  (15)  at  upper end of push rods (16) next to rocker arm  clevis.  Unscrew  twelve  rocker arms (11 ) from push rods. Remove  eight  valve  bridges  (17)  from bridge guides (18). 4-185


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