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TM9-2815-202-34 N  O  T  E l Model  7083-7395  contains  four  bolts  (33),  four  flat  washers  (34),  two  cover  plates (35), and two gaskets (36) per head and no cover plate on inboard rear corner. l Model  7083-7398  contains  six  bolts  (33),  six  flat  washers  (34),  three  cover  plates (16) (17) (18) (35), and three gaskets (36) per head. Install gaskets (36), cover plates (35), flat washers (34), and bolts (33) to remaining corners of cylinder head. Torque bolts to 7-9 Ib-ft (10-12 N-m). If necessary, install support bracket (37), two Iockwashers (39), and two bolts (38) to right cylinder head. Torque bolts to 30-35 Ib-ft (41-47 N-m). Install  sixteen  exhaust  valves  as  follows: (a)  Position  cylinder  head  on  its  side.  Lubricate  valve  stems  with  sulphurized  oil  (E.P.  type) and slide valves (32) all the way into guides (70). NOTE With  used  valves,  install  valves  in  their  original  location. (b) Install lower spring seat (31 ), valve spring (28), and upper spring seat (30) over valve s t e m . CAUTION Avoid  scoring  valve  stem  with  valve seat  when  compressing  spring. (c)  Using  valve  spring  compressor (27),  compress  valve  spring  (28) and  install  two  piece  tapered valve locks (29). (d) Release pressure on valve spring compressor  (27)  and  remove  tool. (e) Repeat steps (a) thru (d) for remaining  valves. (f) Support cylinder head on wood blocks at both ends (right side up). Give end of valve stems a sharp  tap  with  soft-headed hammer to seat valve locks (29). 4-207


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