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TM 9-2815-202-34 NOTE Steps (9) thru (16) provide information to install oil seal rings, carriers, and collars (old style) on rotor shafts and end plates. These three parts are only available from existing stock  and  have  been  superseded. (9) (10) Support  rotor  assembly  on  wood  block  in  arbor  press. Lubricate inside diameter of oil seal ring carrier (35) with engine oil. Start carrier over end of rotor  shaft  with  chamfered  inside  diameter  end  facing  rotor. NOTE A  step  under  shoulder  of  installer  will  position  collar  0.005  inch  (0.12  mm)  below finished face of end plate. (11) (12) Place oil seal ring carrier installer over end of rotor shaft and against carrier (35). With installer under ram of press, press carrier down tight against rotor. To install remaining oil seal ring carriers (35) on shafts of rotors (6 and 7), repeat steps (9) thru  (11). NOTE To avoid breakage or distortion, do not spread or twist oil seal rings more than necessary  to  install. (13) (14) (15) (16) Install ring-type oil seal (34) in ring groove of carrier (35) with snap ring pliers. Support one blower end plate, inner face up, on two wood blocks in arbor press. Lubricate  outside  diameter  of  oil  seal  ring  collar  (29)  with  engine  oil.  Start  chamfered  outside diameter end of collar straight into bore of end plate using short end of oil seal installer. To install remaining ring-type oil seals (34) on rotors and oil seal ring collars (29) in end plates, repeat steps (13) thru (15). 4-241


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