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TM  9-2815-202-34 5.1-4.  FUEL  LINES  REPLACEMENT  (Cont) b. Installation (1) Connect end of fuel return line (25) to adaptor fitting (26) at front of right cylinder head and tighten  connection. (2) lf removed, install clips (21 and 29) and clamp (24) on fuel return line (25). (3) (4) (5) 5-80 NOTE l For all lines attached to governor cover, drape and clip lines around governor cover. Do  not  mount  lines  overtop  of  cover. l Route fuel return line under turbocharger air inlet tube between blower and left cylinder  head  toward  rear  of  engine. Secure clip (21) on fuel return line (25) to rear of governor cover (4) by removing bolt flat  washer  (20)  from  governor  cover.  Torque  bolt  to  7-9  Ib-ft  (1  0-12  N-m). (19) and Secure clip (29) to left side by-pass valve cover (30) by removing bolt (27) and Iockwasher (28) from by-pass valve cover. Torque bolt to 84-108 lb-in (9-12 N-m). Secure clamp (24) of fuel return line (25) to lifting bracket at rear of left cylinder head by removing bolt (22) and Iockwasher (23) from lifting bracket. Torque bolt to 40-50 Ib-ft (62-68 N-m). Change 1


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