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TM9-2815-202-34 6-16.   CRANKCASE   BREATHER   REPLACEMENT   (Cont) CRANKCASE   BREATHER   TUBE   REPLACEMENT a.   Removal (1)  Remove  bolt  (17),  nut  (18),  and  lockwasher  (19)  securing  clip  (20)  and  tube  (21)  to  flywheel housing. lf necessary, remove clip from  tube. Discard lockwasher. (2)  Remove  twobolts  (22),  two  clockwashers  (19),  and  flatwasher  (23)  securing  tube  (21)  and gasket  (24)  to  cylinder  block.  Remove    tube    from    block.  Discard  Iockwashers  and  gasket. NOTE Do not remove breather pipe unless damaged. Removal of pipe will destroy it and require  its  replacement. (3)  If  necessary,  remove  breather  pipe  (25)  from  cylinder  block, b.   Inspection Inspect tube and breather pipe for cracks, holes, or damage. c.   Installation (1) If removed, drive new breather pipe (25) into cylinder block with a collar and soft-headed hammer  until  flush  with  counterbore. 6-28


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