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TM9-2815-202-34 6-38.  TURBOCHARGER  REPAIR  (Cont) c. d. NOTE Before  cleaning,  inspect  parts  for  signs  of  burning,  rubbing,  or  other  damage  which might not show after cleaning. (1) Soak all part is in dry cleaning solvent for 25 minutes. Using a stiff bristle brush, remove all dirt  particles.  Dry  all  parts  thoroughly. WARNING Compressed  air  used  for  cleaning  purposes  will  not  exceed  30  PSI.  Use only  with  effective  chip  guarding  and  personal  protective  equipment (goggles/shield,  gloves,  etc). (2) Using compressed air, blow clean all internal cavities and oil passages in center housing. inspection (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) Inspect all parts for signs of damage, corrosion, or deterioration. Check for nicked, crossed, or  stripped  threads. Check turbine wheel for signs of rubbing or wear. Inspect shaft for signs of scoring, scratches, or bearing seizure, Check  impeller  for  signs  of  rubbing  or  blade  damage.  Check  wheel Inspect seal parts for signs of rubbing or scoring of running faces. Inspect turbine nozzle for erosion and bent vanes. Inspect diffuser for dirt and foreign matter. bore for galling. Inspect  center  housing,  compressor  housing,  and  turbine  housing  for  contact  with  rotating parts. Replace  thrust  washer  if  faces  are  worn  unevenly  or  scratched  excessively. Smooth  or  polish  minor  surface  damage.  Use  silicone  carbide  abrasive  cloth  for  aluminum parts and crocus cloth for steel parts. Assembly (1)If  removed,  install  two  pins  (48)  in  compressor  end  of  center  housing  assembly  (1  2).  Pins must extend 0.075 to 0.085 inch above surface. (2) Install gasket (46) and diaphragm (45) on center housing assembly (12). Aline holes in diaphragm  (45)  to  holes  in  center  housing. NOTE Place  four  bolts  through  diaphragm  and  center  housing  holes  to  prevent  diaphragm from  turning  when  torquing  back  plate. 6-48


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