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TM9-2815-202-34 CAUTION Do not scuff bearing journal surfaces of shaft. Journal surfaces are  machined  to  high  tolerances. (18) (19) (20) (21) Remove snap ring (41) and two bearings (42) from center housing assembly (12). Discard snap ring and bearings. Install center housing assembly (12) in a soft-jawed vise. Unscrew back plate (43) from center housing assembly. Remove shims (44), diaphragm (45), and gasket (46). Discard gasket. Remove seal ring (47) from center housing  assembly  (12).  Discard  seal ring. If necessary, remove two pins (48) from center housing assembly (12). b.  Cleaning WARNING Dry  cleanIng  solvent  P-D-680 is  toxic  and  flammable.  Wear protective  goggles  and  gloves and use only in a well- ventilated  area.  Avoid  contact with  skin,  eyes,  and  clothes and  don’t  breathe  vapors.  Do not use near open flame or excessive  heat.  The  flash point  is 100oF-138°F  (38  °C- 50°C).  If  you  become  dizzy while  using  cleaning  solvent, get  fresh  air  immediately  and get medical aid. If contact with eyes  is  made,  wash  your  eyes with  water  and  get  medical  aid immediately. CAUTION Do not use a caustic solution to clean aluminum components. A caustic solution will erode  aluminum  parts. Do not use wire brush or steel-bladed scraper to clean bearing surfaces or aluminum parts. Metal to metal contact will mar bearing finishes and deform aluminum  parts. Clean  compressor  and  turbine  wheel  blades  thoroughly.  Deposits  left  on  blades  will affect balance of rotating assembly. 6-47


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