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TM9-2815-202-34 6-38.  TURBOCHARGER  REPAIR  (Cont) (10) Place center housing assembly (12) in holding fixture to prevent rotating assembly (28) from turning. CAUTION Use a wrench with a double- universal  joint  to  remove  impeller nut. A fixed wrench or ratchet can side load impeller and bend shaft. (11)  Remove  impeller  locking  nut  (29)  and washer  (30)  from  rotating  assembly  (28). n Discard   nut. WARNING Use  heat-resistant  gloves when  handling  heated  parts. Metal  components  will dissipate  heat  quickly.  Burns to  personnel  will  result. (12) Heat center housing assembly (12) at temperature  of  350-375°F  (177- 190oC) for period of not longer than 10  minutes. (13) Using arbor press, press rotor assembly (31) from impeller (32). Lift center  housing  assembly  (5)  from rotor  assembly. NOTE (14) (15) (16) (17) 6-46 Retain original shims for use during reassembly  to  obtain  proper  size and quantity for rotor clearance. Remove impeller (32), diffuser (27), and shims (33) from center housing assembly  (12). Bend locking plates (34) away from heads of bolts (35). Remove six bolts and  three  locking  plates  securing thrust plate assembly (36) to center housing  assembly  (5).  Discard locking  plates. Remove thrust plate assembly (36), thrust plate (37), thrust ring (38), and thrust washer (39) from center housing  assembly  (12). Remove piston ring (40) from thrust ring (38). Discard piston ring. Change  1


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