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TM  9-2815  -202-34 (32) (33) Secure  lifting  bracket  (15)  and  turbine  housing  (13)  to  center  housing  assembly  (12)  with four locking plates (16) and eight nuts (17). Torque nuts to 20-25 Ib-ft (34-41 N-m). Adjust  turbine  housing  to  turbine  wheel  clearance  as  follows: (a) Place turbine housing (13) flat on bench resting on exhaust flange. NOTE When  turning  rotor  assembly  during  adjustment,  turbine  should  rub  just  lightly  enough to hear a soft contact noise but not heavy enough to feel any binding. (b) (c) (d) (e) Check impeller (32) for free spin. Rotor assembly (31 ) should rub lightly on turbine housing  (13). NOTE Turbine  housing  shims  come  in  0.010  and  0.042  inch  thicknesses. If  turbine  wheel  does  not  rub  lightly  on  turbine  housing  (13),  remove  housing  and  add  or remove  shims  (18)  until  light  rubbing  is  achieved. Remove  turbine  housing  (13)  from  center  housing  assembly  (12).  Add  shims  (18)  to provide  an  additional  clearance  of  0.019  to  0.029  inch. Reinstall  turbine  housing  according  to  steps  (30)  thru  (32). (34) Bend four locking plates (16) over sides of eight nuts (17). 6-53


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