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TM9-2815-202-34 WARNING Engine  components  are  heavy.  To  prevent  personal  injury,  use  extreme caution  when  removing  large  components  from  engine. CAUTION Turbocharger  is  heavy.  Use  two  persons  or  lifting  device  to  prevent  dropping  or damage  to  turbocharger. (3)  Install  turbocharger  (6)  over  studs  (5)  and  secure  with  six  locking  nuts  (4).  Torque  locking nuts to 83-93 Ib-ft (113-126 N-m). (4) Slide hose (2) and two clamps (1) from air inlet housing (3) onto turbocharger (6). Tighten clamps. END OF TASK FOLLOW ON MAINTENANCE Para   Description 6-2 Install regulator air line 3-15 Install air inlet manifold 3-13 install turbocharger oil supply line 3-10 Install turbocharger oil return line 7-5


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