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TM9-2815-202-34 8-2.   ENGINE   PREPARATION   FOR   START-UP   (Cont) CAUTION Do not energize starter for more than 30 seconds at one time. Allow starter motor to cool  for  two  to  three  minutes  between  operations  to  prevent  overheating  and  damage. NOTE Following  any  repair  involving  the  exhaust  valve  or  injector  operating  mechanisms, reset exhaust valve clearance (Para 8-4.) and injector timing (Para 8-5.) before starting engine. e.   Initial   Start-up (1) Crank engine with governor in NO FUEL position until an oil pressure reading registers on gage. (2) Start and run engine at idle. Oil pressure gage should read 10 PSI (69 kPa) for adequate lubrication. END  OF  TASK 8-5


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