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TM9-2815-202=34 8-7.  FUEL  INJECTOR  CONTROL  LEVER  ADJUSTMENT  (Cent) j. Tightenadjustingscrew(4)l/8turn.     Hold adjusting screw and tighten locknut (3). l k. 1. m n. o. Check  clevis pin (8). Pin must turn position. If clevis pin (8) fails to rotate freely again. freely in control tube lever (9) when 1 L is in FULL FUEL in control tube lever (9), adjust injector control rack lever (5) Check  injector  control  rack  lever  adjustments.  Hold  speed  control  lever  (12)  in  maximum  engine speed position. Using a screw driver, press downward on injector control rack (13); then slide screw driver off from injector control rack. Control rack should spring back upward. If injector control  rack(13)  does not spring back, loosen adjusting screw locknut (3) and tighten adjusting screw (4) slightly. Tighten locknut. Check adjustment using steps h and i. Move governor speed control lever (12) to maximum engine speed position. If injector control rack (13) becomes tight before governor speed control lever reaches end of travel, setting is to tight. Loosen  locknut  (3)  and  turn  screw  (4)  slightly  counterclockwise.  Tighten  locknut.  Check  setting using steps i  thru j. Connect right bank throttle control rod (7) to control tube lever (9) using  clevis pin (8) and cotter pin (1 1). Adjust 1 R injector rack control lever as outlined in steps e  thru k. 8-18


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