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TM   9-2815   -202-34 CAUTION Run engine in clean area when air intake  ducting  is  removed.  Dirt,  dust,  and  particles in  unfiltered  air  can  enter  engine  and  damage  parts  or  cause  mechanical  failure. c. Start engine and run engine to attain coolant operating temperature of  160-185°F (71.1 -85,0”C). d. Move speed control lever (11) in maximum speed position. Apply oil or air pressure to governor and  note  engine  speed.  Return  engine  to  idle  position. e. Discontinue oil or air pressure to governor and stop engine. If additional adjustment is needed, proceed with steps f  thru k. f, Remove two bolts (9) and two  Iockwashers  (8) securing governor spring housing (6) and cover (5) to  governor  housing  (1  O).  Remove  governor  spring  housing  and  cover.  Discard  two  Iockwashers and two gaskets (7). CAUTION Do not permit seal ring on piston to slide past inlet port, or seal ring will be damaged. l g. Remove piston (3) and sleeve (12) from governor spring housing (6). 8 - 27


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